February 10, 2023

Get Your Feet Wet… At Exchange Club Island!

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The St. Johns River provides endless adventures for those who live near it. There’s no better feeling than being on its waters while basking in the Florida sun! If you’re searching for a relaxing getaway in the Jacksonville area, today’s blog post has you covered.

Today we will be splashing into Exchange Club Island — a lush park that sits just east of the heart of Downtown Jax along the St. Johns River!

What Is Exchange Club Island?

Sitting on 34 beautiful acres of land right by downtown Jacksonville and the Matthews Bridge is Exchange Club Island.

This park offers:

  • Hiking trails
  • Sheltered picnic areas
  • Grills
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • A boat ramp/dock
  • And lots of fun!

Due to the waterfront nature of this park, it is only accessible by means of the river. This includes via boat, kayak, or paddle boards. The park offers a dock and boat ramp that are in great condition so you can secure your transportation safely!

In 1956, the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund of the State of Florida dedicated Exchange Club Island to the Board of County Commissioners of Duval County for use and development as a public park.

Dreamy Jacksonville Getaway

This park is perfect for a little getaway in Jacksonville! Enjoy a relaxing day on the water followed by a stop at the park’s dock. With the park’s nature trail, feel free to take a nice hike and bring a lunch to enjoy along the way thanks to the many picnic areas located around the area!

And since this park is on the waterfront, the area is perfect for observing any wildlife or vegetation native to the St. Johns River ecosystem. This includes alligators, wading birds, manatees, various bass, and an abundance of plant life.

Whether you’re just kayaking by or stopping for a quick hike and picnic, a day at Exchange Club Island is sure to be a great adventure for anyone!

Get Outside and Get Your Feet Wet!

St. Johns Riverkeeper launched our Get Your Feet Wet campaign to encourage you to go out and explore all that the St. Johns River has to offer!

Our goal is to foster an appreciation and connection between you and the beauty, importance, and vital role of our local ecosystem — including our river. Get out there and experience its beauty!

To learn more about our new campaign, contact us or check out our upcoming events. We hope you get out to the gorgeous Exchange Club Island soon to Get Your Feet Wet!