June 16, 2023

Get Your Feet Wet… at Memorial Park!

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The beautiful St. Johns River has so much to offer those of us residing in Northeast Florida. From miles of diverse ecosystems to spending days adventuring on its waters, the river is truly a defining aspect of our region!

Because of the St. Johns River, we also have a ton of waterfront parks and preservations all around Northeast Florida that are perfect for a day spent out in nature. Grab your sunglasses and some sunscreen — today we’ll be diving into Memorial Park!

Sidewalk and open fieldHistory of Memorial Park

Located in the heart of Jacksonville’s historic neighborhood of Riverside is Memorial Park — a riverfront park that has been deeply loved by the neighborhood’s residents since its inception. The plan for the park was put forth in 1918 by George Hardee as a memorial to honor Floridians who passed in WWI.

The City of Jacksonville then purchased six acres of land along the St. Johns River. Through committee fundraising efforts, donations, and the help of local philanthropists and civic leaders, they raised money to commission the sculptor Charles Adrian Pillars to create a memorial along with the infamous Olmsted Brothers to help design the park. The park opened to the public on Christmas Day of 1924.

Memorial Park Today

Memorial Park’s riverfront views are hard to beat. Along its six-acre layout, you’ll find a lush, relaxing, open-concept area.

The park’s main attractions include:

  • Bronze “Life” memorial statue in the center of the park
  • Large loop for walking or running
  • Vast grassy areas perfect for picnics and furry friends
  • Waterfront benches for enjoying the river views
  • Beautiful vegetation and flowers

When visiting Memorial Park, the lively culture of the Riverside neighborhood shines brightly. You can often find people reading in the grass, having a picnic, playing music, walking their dogs, fishing, and relaxing with loved ones by the river. The park’s convenient location, which is near Five Points, makes it a great place to relax before hitting restaurants or shops. 

Get Your Feet Wet with St. Johns Riverkeeper

St. Johns Riverkeeper launched our Get Your Feet Wet campaign to encourage you to go out and explore all that the St. Johns River has to offer!

Our goal is to foster an appreciation and connection between you and the beauty, importance, and vital role of our local ecosystem — including our river. We hope you get out to the gorgeous Memorial Park to get your feet wet soon!