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Get Your Feet Wet… at Bulls Bay Preserve!
Jacksonville’s diverse environment allows visitors and locals to have access to a great variety of activities and destinations! A huge aspect of the First Coast is the beauty of the St. Johns River —  it is truly a defining ecosystem of our region. Thanks to the St. Johns River, there are a plethora of waterfront […]
Lower Basin
Get Your Feet Wet… at Blue Cypress Park!
Are you searching for tranquil hiking/biking trails, a golf course, and a tennis court with a beautiful, scenic view of the St. Johns River?
Lower Basin
Get Your Feet Wet… at Reddie Point Preserve!
When you get outdoors, we know you want it all: Views. Adventure. Wildlife photo ops (at a safe distance, of course). Thankfully, Jacksonville’s Reddie Point provides all that and more! Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite local parks: Reddie Point Preserve… Reviewing Reddie Point Preserve “Reddie Point Preserve consists of […]
Get Your Feet Wet… at the Timucuan Preserve Theodore Roosevelt Area!
The Theodore Roosevelt Area of the Timucuan Preserve spans a total of 600 acres and features a variety of settings, including wetlands, hardwood forest, and scrub vegetation. It has a rich history, thanks to the generosity of William Henry Browne III, who lived on this very land.
Get Your Feet Wet… at Fort Caroline National Memorial!
If you’re curious about outdoor areas in Jacksonville worth exploring, we have plenty of recommendations for you — it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re hoping to experience wildlife and history along the St. Johns River, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite getaway: Fort Caroline National Memorial. The History […]