September 29, 2022

Get Your Feet Wet… at Reddie Point Preserve!


When you get outdoors, we know you want it all: Views. Adventure. Wildlife photo ops (at a safe distance, of course).

Thankfully, Jacksonville’s Reddie Point provides all that and more!

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite local parks: Reddie Point Preserve…

Reviewing Reddie Point Preserve

“Reddie Point Preserve consists of 102 acres, purchased on November 21, 2002 for $3,060,877, by the City of Jacksonville,” as reported by the official City of Jacksonville website.  “The park provides a 700-foot fishing pier with boat docks, kayak launch, picnic pavilion, wildlife observation areas, a multi-use play field and nature trails.”

Open sunrise to sunset every day, Reddie Point Preserve boasts a scenic landscape with a variety of recreational opportunities, such as:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Picnicking
  • Fishing

Additionally, amateur and professional photographers alike will appreciate this park, as it “provides spectacular views of the river and downtown Jacksonville,” according to the Timucuan Parks Foundation.

Beyond Bikes and Benches

Standard outdoor adventures aside, Reddie Point Preserve is also an ideal location for lovers of wildlife in general — especially considering its proximity to various bodies of water.

For example, “this hike is nicely located next to the St. Johns River and a collection of small ponds,” the Hiking Project explains. “The area’s amenities include a long fishing pier.”

Additionally, boating docks sit ready and waiting to welcome visitors who choose to arrive from the river, offering cool solace and additional fishing spots.

We also encourage you to look up. Birding is a popular activity at Reddie Point Preserve;  hobbyists and enthusiasts will find plenty of bird species and their nests throughout the area!

About Get Your Feet Wet

So, are you ready to wade into the beautiful waters found at Reddie Point Preserve? Because we’re ready to help you Get Your Feet Wet!

In fact, here at St. Johns Riverkeeper, we started our Get Your Feet Wet campaign because we want to encourage you to explore! Specifically, our goal is to help you foster your existing or newfound love for the natural ecosystem of our St. Johns River watershed by visiting new spaces — including Reddie Point Preserve!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time lover of local landscapes or a curious newcomer — we know you’ll enjoy the various activities and locations that we feature throughout the program.

To learn more, contact the St. Johns Riverkeeper team or check out our list of upcoming events. From local hikes, tiny dock concerts, to kayaking, and more, we hope to help you Get Your Feet Wet.